What is graphic design?


Graphic design explained

There’s design. And, there’s technology. When you merge them together with a little imagination you end up with a very compelling visual that can evoke an individual’s emotion.


This emotion prompts people into taking notice causing a reaction. It can give them motivation to try something completely new, it can also help them to reason out a decision, or to seek further information.

Reactions triggered by emotions from graphic design can be described as Visual Communication.


How does graphic design work in the marketplace?

Because visual communication is created by design, it’s used in everywhere around us. Every product that is bought or sold in the world, every element that communicates to us is a form of graphic design. When visual design and communication is employed correctly, it’s a powerful tool. It attracts, it gives reason, it gives direction, and it motivates.


Why is a graphic designer important?

You can never be 100% sure how people will react to a change in a product or service. This is why graphic design can be very challenging. A good graphic designer will shape and focus this visual communication forming whatever message it’s intentions are. This is how good design works and it’s what we do at Flying Toad Graphics of Grants Pass. We gather your thoughts, put them together, add our thoughts and design, and make your project come to life.

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